Custom Pantone Collapsible Folding Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

Custom Pantone Collapsible Folding Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

Get your client’s pantone color made into a custom collapsible reusable drinking straw!

We all know how crazy our clients can get about getting the color onto a promotional product. Now you can offer them their own pantone matched version of the folding collapsible drinking straw.

The Last Straw is the folding stainless steel drinking straw specifically designed with your client’s logo in mind. Now you can get it pantone matched!

custom pantone matched folding reusable stainless steell drinking straw

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you have seen in news from around the world that all types of 1 time use plastics are being banned.

In fact, major cities including Seattle and Vancouver have outlawed plastic drinking straws altogether making their use an illegal offence!

The ban on over 1 billion plastic straws per year caught many in the promo world unawares. However, trendsetter Promo Motive caught the idea early and came out with the Last Straw. The Last Straw is designed to be logo friendly!

Distributors, this is your chance to present your client with something trending and eco-conscious! It’s a promo home run!

folding straw coded distributor prices

How to sell the Folding Reusable Drinking Straw

If you think that selling a $5 net drinking straw is a tough sell think again!

In fact, there are folding straws on the market that sell for $30 or more… Check out this Kickstarter program that sold over 80,000 units at $30 a piece!

“The selling points on the folding straw are not all about the function of it, but about the emotional appeal!”

First point

This all started with a Turtle video. The storyline is simple: ecologists and scientists working in Costa Rica come across a Turtle in distress. They pull it aboard and find a plastic straw stuck in its nose. WARNING: video contains disturbing images. 

Second Point

After over 30 million views of the video and a greater understanding of how billions of plastic straws were ending up in the oceans and remaining undegradable for up to 5000 years, cities and countries across the world banned the sale and use of disposable plastic straws.

Read about cities and companies banning straws including McDonalds!

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get your logo on a folding reusable drinking straw



Third Point

It’s not about why would anyone pay $10 for a straw but more importantly it’s about what it says about a brand to have their logo on a folding reusable drinking straw.

Your client’s logo on a LAST STRAW says to the world that the client cares about the environment, is on top of the latest trends and lastly, but not least, that they want to be seen as helping solve a recognized world problem.


Some Distributors say that “No One Will Use It!”

These distributors may be sort of right but at the same time COMPLETELY WRONG!

Many people may not use it but millions will BUY it!

The Last Straw folding reusable drinking straw will be a massive marketing statement for your clients. It will say to the world that they are an eco-friendly, trend-setting company. Who wouldn’t want to be this?

Delivery is 2 weeks and includes FREE SHIPPING and NO SET UPs!

How to USE and Clean a Folding Reusable Straw