We do more than just this!

Promo Crunch is just part of a larger direct to consumer marketing company. Our company provides factory direct promotional products to American and Canadian business marketers.

If you are a trade show marketer, business marketer or promotional product enthusiast, we may be just what you are looking for.

The Promotional Product Direct family is made up of a number of unique sites and products. The following is an overview of our sites and our work. Please contact us at Sam@promotionalproductdirect.com for further information.

Promotional Product Direct.

The Home office of Promotional Product Direct can be located here  –  PPD Home 

Our regional Promotional Product Direct partner sites.

New York  New England – Mid Atlantic –  Florida – Southern California – Northern California –Vegas–  Chicago  – Texas – Midwest– South East – Pacific NorthwestWestern Canada  – Eastern Canada – Head Office

Product Specific Sites.

We have a range of product specific web sites. Each of these sites offer a unique but specific product offering.

The World’s Best Custom 3D Flash Drives   

Promo Crunch. The world’s best custom flash drives. 

Destination Management Supply -DMC Supplier

DMC Supplier- A resource for the Destination and Travel Industry.

Fitness Promotional Product

Fitness Promotional Products. Fitness specific promotional products.

Folding Coffee Cup

The folding, reusable coffee cup.

Phone Socket Stand  

A complete web site for all kinds of phone stands.

Wholesale Pop Sockets

A complete web site for all kinds of phone stands.

The Folding Straw

A web site dedicated the folding reusable drinking straw.

Landing Pages

Best Price Popsocket    a landing page for phone stands

Cheap Bulk Swag    a landing page for trade show giveaways. 

Marketing Sites

Promo Delivers  Email marketing web site.

Social Media

Blog Spot – Blogger site

Face Book  Business site

LInked In   Linked In