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  • Our Specialty, Jaw-Dropping Design. Your Product Turns Into a Custom Promotion!

  • Turn Your Companies Logo, Icon Or Product Into A Custom Shaped 3D Promo!

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“We loved the 3D Custom flash drives. So Cute! Went over huge at the tradeshow. We will definitely be back for a repeat order!”

Sarah Castaneta- Promotions and Marketing

We Do The World’s Best Custom Flash Drives Amazing 3D Designs Of Your Product Or Logo! Easy! We Make Your Experience Simple and Easy.

“We had a great experience. The custom power bank is great item for onboarding our new customers and employees. They love the custom train shaped power bank!”

Josh Gibson- Trade Show Director

World’s Best Custom Shaped Flash Drives

I know the statement “World’s Best Custom Flash Drives” sounds a little over the top but it’s true. Promo Crunch has been designing and delivering custom shaped USB flash drives since 2004. We have created 3D custom molded flash drives for some of the worlds top brands. We have also done lots of work for businesses small and mid sized. Want to know more? Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us here

Turn Your Product Into a Custom Shaped Promo.

We turn your product, icon or logo into a custom shaped promotional product. We make it simple!

Would you like a FREE virtual 3D design? Of course you would! Send us an email and include some images of what you want and a copy of your logo. For example, if you want a truck made, send pics of the truck, want a dental implant made, send pics. Simple. Email Us. 




New Ideas are the Lifeblood of the Promo Industry

NEW Promo Ideas! Don’t Run Away! New ideas are the lifeblood of the promotional products industry. End-users from all over the country are looking for new ideas from their distributors and Promo Motive is the SUPPLIER of these new ideas to Distributors. In every business it easy to get in a rut. However, if you are […]

Why ASI is bad for your business

We believe that only using ASI or PPAI search for your business is a bad idea. Here’s why! We have been a supplier for 20 years and there are some secrets about ASI that most distributors don’t know. It is important to know so you can make more sales and make more money. Here are […]