14 Mar

Promo Distributors Get Crushed

Promo Distributors Get Crushed by Not Being Innovative!

I have been on the supply side of this business for 25 years. In the past 15 years (as a supplier) I have become a total stats geek. This has given me some insights.

I have watched our industry change significantly and have some information that I think our Average ASI Distributor should pay attention to.

If not…..well….they may get crushed!

Point forms (as who has time to read ?)

  1. The average age of distributors is now 53 years old (ASI stat).
  2. The average age of marketing managers is 34 years old (AD Weekly)
  3. Millenials are very comfortable buying online ( Amazon press release 2016 states 87% of Millenials will buy online) 
  4. Distributors tend to sell in their comfort zone….”He’s a T-shirt guy, or he’s a Mug Guy” are common phrases to our industry.
  5. T-shirts and Mugs are easy to find online. 

If you take into account all of the above irrefutable points you will come to the following conclusions.

  1. The marketing managers of today are comparing you to what they find online. They are MORE COMFORTABLE buying online than they are in dealing with you face-to-face! Say what you want about “personal touch and service”, Millenials hate face to face and feel more comfortable texting and ordering online.
  2. You need to get outside of your comfort zone (“He’s a T-shirt guy, or he’s a Mug Guy”) and get some new ideas in front of your clients. 

Here is where I come into play.

I don’t supply the boring things….I supply the creative, unique and unusual!

Fidget Cubes: These are all over the net and are now available for YOU!

Think of a Stress Ball for 2017. View complete info at our TECH Page. 

fidget cube fidget stress reliever promotional product

fidget cube fidget stress reliever promotional product

Hand Spinners: Your kids and grandkids have these. They are HUGE!!!!!!! I bet you haven’t a clue what they are?

Think of the perfect tradeshow giveaway or event gift. Something that catches their eyes and draws attention to their brand.


hand spinner for promotional product marketing

hand spinner for promotional product marketing

Custom Shaped Cables: A Huge trend in tech these days is high speed cables. Why? Its a simple way to download data from your phone without transferring it and incurring data charges! 

Custom shaped: Read here.

In stock cables: Read here

Promo Crunch promotional products. New for 2017! Custom shaped Data Transfer cable! Turn your logo into a custom shaped promotional product or trade show giveaway.

New from Promo Crunch for 2017! Turn Your Idea Into a Custom Shaped Data Transfer Cables.

So……as a distributor….are you going to get crushed or are you going to make it work? Rise up, get into new ideas and make yourself invaluable to your customers. 

email for info, prices and more.