What is a Power Bank: Even though Promo Crunch has been importing logo’d promotional power banks for our clients since 2012, our most asked question is, what is a power bank?

Answer: A Power Bank is a small portable battery pack that you can recharge your smartphone, tablet, laptop and even car battery from. They come in various sizes and prices are based upon their mah or milliamp. A measurement of mah determines how powerful each design is. i.e a 2000 mah is just enough to recharge a phone, once, while 20,000 mah will start a car’s dead battery.

We have our design and customer service operation here in the U.S.A. in Chandler Arizona. We also own a USB factory in Shenzhen China. This unique combination of services and supply give our clients the best and quickest response to their needs.

We make it simple:

Minimum order is 100 units with 250 units being the most popular order size.

Charging rates are available from 2000 milliamps (mah) to 20,000 mah.

Prices depend on number of units and mah size ordered.

Free Virtuals and info:

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