04 Mar

Custom Molded 3D Flash Drives

Promo Crunch can turn ANYTHING into a custom shaped USB Flash Drive……ANYTHING!

Put us to the challenge and power up your next brand and marketing initiative. 

Would you like a FREE Design done for you? Simply send us the logo and a few images of what you want made and we will make it happen in 24 Hours!  Submit Design Here

Over the past 10 years we have done all kinds of designs including buses, trucks, cars, planes, fish, buildings, tools, machines, people, ideas, products of all shapes and kinds.

With flash drives prices at near or near record low prices now is the time to turn your product, service or idea into a custom shaped usb flash drive.

16 Dec





Tools and custom manufacturers should take note.

Promo Crunch is the USA based expert at creating custom designed, shaped and molded promotional products. 

We can turn your logo, product or idea into a custom shaped flash drive, power bank, data cable or other cool idea.

Simply contact us at mailto:john@promocrunch.com or call 1-888-908-1481