Giving Birth To New Promotional Products Ideas.

At Promo Motive we pride ourselves on being the innovator in the Promotional Products Industry.

We are always on the outlook for new ideas that are trending on social media and in specialized retail where the product can be logo’d. We also look for products that engage and entertain.

Engaging and entertaining the end user is one of the founding top reasons of what makes a great promotional product. In short.


“Cool Ideas and Fun Products Get Your Logo in Front of Peoples Eyes!”


This weeks cool new idea is the Fidget Stick. Have a look, send the end user flyer (below) to your client and see what they say.

Delivery and Details.
+ Delivery is 10 days or less. Price includes FREE Freight and NO set ups. Easy!
+ Includes a Laser logo or 4 color logo and 2 sided imprint.

MIN order 250-499 $3.88 c  500-999 $3.58 c 1000 plus $3.18 c

Includes shipping to anywhere plus all logos.

For product details.

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promotional products and b2b swag. Giving birth to new ideas

fidget sticks for promotional giveaway

fidget stick 2 for promo swag

fidget sticks for logo

Having a Hard Time Understanding Your Younger Customer

Let’s Face It! The average age of Promo Distributors according to ASI is 57. No wonder you are struggling to understand your younger buyer. The dreaded Millenial!

I have been in this business for nearly 25 years so I am not a millenial. However, I have Millenial kids and and have a very young innovative approach to the promo business.

In regards to Millenials and promo there are a few earth-shaking changes that us older promo people need to consider.

  1. Millenials want something new. Millenials are not going to repeat their pen order with the same logo and same pen for the next 10 years. You better get used to this idea because if you rely on repeats year after year you are out of luck.
  2. Millenials do not want what they predecessor bought. Even if what the predecessor bought worked, the Millenial will not keep on doing it. Best to stop trying to push them in this direction.
  3. Millenials want what is happening at retail for promo. Fidget Cubes, Popsockets, Fidget Spinners are all great examples of retail trends for promo. If you are not on-trend you will get crushed.

We Do It Differently, “We Do Weird Well!”

We specialize in the unique and the unusual, the trending and the social media savvy……in short we know what Millenials want. Don’t believe me? You sure you want to take that risk?

Here is what is trending. NOW! Call 888-908-1481 for info or email me John

square popsocket style media stand for promo, tradeshow and b2b marketing swag. Ge

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag

keysmart quick key key organizer for tradeshows

pop media stand for trade show and business marketing. Wholesale bulk promotional product aka swag

infinity cube for marketing and trade show logo

Pop Ring Prop Ring Phone ring holder and grip for tradeshow promo swag

Crazy Marketing Trend Spotted

Your Smartphone is about to become ground zero for the next place for businesses to advertise.

In an unprecedented trend spotting analysis phone holders and ring phone stands like Popsocket and PropRing are soaring on Social media, Amazon, EBay, Instagram and dozens of other key trend indicator sites as being HOT, HOT, HOT for this Winter and Next Spring!

pop promotional phone holder for promotional products tradeshow giveaways popsocket

pop promotional phone holder for promotional products tradeshow giveaways popsocket

Promotional Product trend spotter Promo Motive announced today that their algorithm has clearly shown that “these phone stands are the next big thing in trade show swag”.

“these phone stands are about to be the next big thing in trade show swag. Our key indicators are off the chart!”

The reason for this surge is best explained in an article written about the POPSockets in an article from the INDEPENDENT from the UK. Also further explained in this article from the promotional product swag source Promo Motive. Read more.

popring phone stand tradeshow giveaway

popring phone stand tradeshow giveaway


trade show swag popring phone stand tradeshow giveaway

trade show swag pop ring phone stand tradeshow giveaway

Keep your eyes open for this trend to further expand in the coming weeks.

View the gallery of POP Phone stands

Most Tradeshow Swag is a waste of money as Most Tradeshow marketers are Totally Clueless.

Tradeshow swag often gets a bad rap as being ineffective or cheesy. The problem is that most people have no clue how to properly use Swag to promote business. 

What is an effective Tradeshow Promotional Swag Giveaway?

best promotional trade show giveaways 2017

best promotional trade show giveaways 2017

Custom Trade Show Giveaways

Custom Trade Show Giveaways

The most effective tradeshow giveaways are those that do the following 3 things.

  • Catch the clients’ visual attention at the show. If you give someone a pen as an incentive to visit your booth they will not be interested. No one needs another pen and certainly no one needs a crappy, ink-leaking pen. The same goes for other items like T shirts, key chains etc. If you are giving away boring you will be perceived as being boring.
best unique trade show giveaways 2017

best unique trade show giveaways 2017

  • Weird Works. Even though Fidget Spinners are now on the downside of their popularity, when they first came out they rocked. Why.? Because people attending tradeshows in the spring of 2017 had heard of spinners but had not seen them or used one. Having spinners at your booth caught the attention of clients who would come directly to your booth to get one and in that moment, allow you to make a connection with a new/possible client.
best 2017 promotional corporate trade show giveaways

best 2017 promotional corporate trade show giveaways

  • The Swag Must Travel Well. All tradeshows have a high percentage of attendees who travel to the show. The last thing they want or will keep is something big and bulky or breakable. Coffee Mugs break, Binders get tossed for being too bulky. The result is that these types of SWAG are either put in the circular file or arrive home broken.
unique promotional giveaways

unique promotional giveaways

“If you are giving away boring you will be perceived as being boring.”

In late 2017 and early 2018 the best and most effective of today’s tradeshow swag is found under the following categories:

EDC Tools: EDC or Everyday Carry is a trending catchphrase for pocket tools and multi tool. These tools are now more TSA friendly and the millennials have never had their own set of tools. This generation raised in a digital world are found wanting to have an analog touchstone. These tools are the same psychological graphic that explains why Millennials want turntables.   

Fidget Swag: Fidget cubes, fidget spinners and Fidget gadgets are all great one size fits all marketing tool. Inexpensive and endlessly entertaining to those who leave the tradeshow and head for the bar afterwards.

best 2017 unqiue company branded trade show giveaways

best 2017 unqiue company branded trade show giveaways

To learn more on these and other ideas to help you be a more effective tradeshow marketer visit us at Promo