Custom Bespoke Flash Drives

Custom Bespoke Flash Drives

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Promo Crunch is the head company for Promo Motive and is the worlds’ leading expert at creating custom shaped bespoke usb flash drives.

For over a decade Promo Crunch has been creating the world’s best custom shaped flash drives and bespoke memory devices. Promo Crunch can take your logo, product or service and turn it into a custom shaped bespoke style flash drive.

With thousands of designs in the resume Promo Crunch is easily referred to as the home for the world’s best custom shaped flash drives. 

Get your logo on a custom bespoke flash drive . If you are interested in a custom shaped usb memory stick please contact or call Promo Motive at 888-908-1481. Visit the Promomotive site here or feel free to visit our custom flash drive site Promo Crunch

custom 3 D flash drives in the shape of your logo or product.

Custom 3D Flash Drives

We Turn Your Logo, Product or Idea into a Custom Shaped Promotional Product.

Promo Crunch is the best in the world when it comes to custom shaped flash drives and promotional products!

Are you looking to make a HUGE impression with your next giveaway, trade show or marketing idea? Turn your product or service into a custom shaped flash drive, power bank or other custom shaped promotional product.

Want to see it before you buy it? Get a FREE VIRTUAL DESIGN! Click Here!

Simply send us a few pictures of the product or idea you want made into a Custom USB along with the logo…Give us 24 hours!

Check out some of the ideas below and lets get this going for you.

Want FREE samples of Custom Shaped flash Drives? Email Here for details!



bluetooth speaker and power bank in a custom molded shape.

Custom shaped Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker and power bank combo

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Nobody besides us does this! How amazing an idea is this. A custom shaped bluetooth speaker and power bank combo!

custom flash drive promotions

Amazing custom shaped usb flash drives

amazing custom shaped usb flash drives

amazing custom shaped usb flash drives

Distributors? Marketers? Can you sell these?

Wanna buy them?

They are an amazingly cool custom shaped usb drives promotional product.

Can you sell them?