Seriously we do some of the coolest promotional product shit!

Seriously we do some of the coolest shit!

When it comes to promotional products we are without a doubt home to some of the coolest shit. Ok, I know you might be offended by the use of profanity but I needed to catch your eye.

Promotional Product have gotten downright boring over the last decade. Pens and Mugs!!! Seriously is this the best we can do as promotional product marketers?

Promo Motive an Promo Crunch create some of the most unique and interesteing ideas for tradeshows, b2b marketing and ad specialty. We turn your logo or product into something unique and different.

custom shaped promotional products like flash drives and power banks

Our expertise is in the field of turning your product or idea into a custom shaped flash drive, power bank or custom cable. We provide free virtual design proofs and offer low minum orders and factory direct pricing.

“A custom shaped promotional product will set you apart, make a statement and in short…make your marketing look like the Bomb!”

Since 2005 we have been creating some of the coolest custom shaped promotional products. We specialize in custom shaped USB Flash Drives and have done  thousands of designs including gas pump drives, glove shaped drives, fish shaped flash drives, fork shaped flash drives, Penguin drives, boot shaped drives,  and 100’s of other ideas. If it can be made into a custom flash drive we have probably done it.

What follows is just a few of our previous designs of custom flash drives.

custom memory flash drive

custom shaped data cable

usb custom flash drive

usb custom flash drive stick

truck shaped custom flash drive

video camera shaped flash drive

Would you like to learn more? Would you like a free virtual design proof? Simply send us your logo and image.

Here’s how Custom USB’s work…

1) Min order is 250 units.

2) Prices 8 GB (other sizes available) is $6.88 each.

3) Mold (to create the USB) is $80…the mold is reusable on future orders.

4) send us a specific image of what you want made into a USB and your logo file…then we will make you a free virtual proof/design.

How does that sound?? Prety damn cool!