Get Your Logo on it for Less. Factory Direct Promotional Products for Less.

Promotional product professionals deserve a break. They deserve to make more money for all of the effort they put into their difficult work.

The business of selling and delivering customized promotional products often takes a bad rap but what is more problematic is that distributors are often doing it for very little profit.

ASI Distributors often deal with overly demanding clients and rush orders with unreasonable timelines. All of this would be fine if their profit was worth it but often they will do all of this work for very little in return.

“We believe that distributors deserve to make more than a lousy ‘C’!”


more than a c

more than a c

We back our Distributors with FREE Everything!

We look at this business differently. Instead of trying to gouge you money for set ups, shipping, pantone matches, separations, virtuals etc etc, we believe in giving you one fair and low price. This way you can make more than a lousy C!


“Free everything and one fair and low price will make it easier for you to make more than a C!”


What do we do for FREE?

We offer all of our clients, (not just an elite few) FREE shipping, FREE virtuals, FREE set ups, FREE 4 color imprint, FREE pantone matches and a FREE smile all because we believe you deserve to make more than a lousy C!

Below are two price lists, designed with you in mind. The bottom one is CODED on a C… feel free to use it. However, the TOP price sheet is WITHOUT pricing.


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Below is the NO price go for it and make more than a C price list!

coded pop phone stand no price

coded pop phone stand no price

Below is the Coded a C price list with Free Everything!

coded pop phone stand prices

coded pop phone stand prices

The impact of Chinese New Years on the delivery of promotional products

Chinese New Years is Over. Now What?

As a person who owns a company or 2 that has been dealing directly with China since 1994 the end of Chinese New Years is always greeted with a great sigh of relief…..and TERROR!

Read What Happens at the start of Chinese New Years here.

Now that Chinese New Years is Over The Fun Really Begins! Here’s Why!

1- 15% of all returning workers DON’t RETURN! There is such a shortage of workers in China that upon return from the holidays, 15% don’t.

2- At the train station, bus stations and airports HUNDREDS of Job Bureau Reps stand at the exit. They walk up to returning workers and ask them..”What do you do, how much do you make? Want to make more? Come with me!” Sounds INSANE but it is true.

3. Awaiting at the office is the last 3 weeks worth of orders to be entered and produced. Yikes! My advice…Get Your Orders In Early.

Promo Crunch. We are the experts in designing and delivering custom shaped promotional products. Avoid the pain and risk, trust Promo Crunch.

The impact of Chinese New Years on the delivery of promotional products

The impact of Chinese New Years on the delivery of promotional products