Why do distributors pay these ridiculous fees?

Why in this day and age are you paying set up fees, run charges, fax proofs, virtual proofs, shipping fees etc? Are you nuts?

inexpensive promotional products

inexpensive promotional products

Why are you paying set up fees, run charges, fax proofs, virtual proofs, shipping fees etc? Are you nuts?

In this day and age suppliers who charge these ridiculous costs are out of touch with their clients. It’s 2018 and the online experience has come to the Promotional Products world. Customers HATE extra charges and will search out other suppliers who do not do these things.

“The reason suppliers have these add-ons is simple GREED! They hook distributors into the sale with a low price and then by the time the distributor is at the “checkout” the price is as much as 30% higher! Why?”

Suppliers who charge these fees do so because they believe there clients are that dumb! As a supplier I know it does not cost me $6 for a virtual proof, it costs me about 30 cents. If I cannot “eat” that 30 cents then I have no business being in business.

I can only believe that the reason suppliers charge these outlandish fees is that they believe that a super-low price on the product will be seen as the best idea and that the extra costs will be passed on to the end user without complaint! Really…you think the end-user is not angry with these costs.

End User Revolt!

I can tell you this as a fact. End users are going online to avaoid paying these ridiculous fees they get charged by the distributor who is in turn given these costs from the supplier. Get smart, stop paying them and come to 


paying too much for promo

paying too much for promo

Overpaying Problem #1

Inventory in a big Stateside warehouse is a bad idea! The old days when buying in bulk from China and shipping to a central US warehouse make no sense any more. Here are the reasons.

A) Clients want fresh ideas. Buyers are less and less ordering repeats of the old tried and trues! The days when people ordered the same T-shirt/Mug and got the same imprint on them each April ARE MOSTLY OVER! With this fact in mind the idea that the best way to buy both on price and innovation is to buy from some giant warehouse is simply wrong. The reason are complex but I will try to explain.

B) If clients want new ideas all the time (which they do) then the old style swag (ie pens/mugs/T’s) sits on the warehouse shelf unsold. Ask yourself this…How many Fidget Spinners are on suppliers shelves NOT SELLING? 

C) When a slow selling inventory product goes unsold the cost of that unsold inventory gets placed upon more popular selling items. In short the best sellers carry additional costs to off-set the cost of slow sellers.

D) if you are buying from the same place as everyone else then you are selling at the same price as everyone else. If true, what is your competitive advantage? If you want to create a sale that stops your client from either shopping online or bidding you out, stop selling the same old thing as everyone else!


LIke what you have just read….find out more!

Want to know more about buying smarter? Then you should call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us. We know what we are doing, we know how how to “do cool” and we are your secret supplier you want to know!


Coming Next Week Problem #2 Why ASI is a bad idea for all of us!

triangle shaped pop socket

triangle shaped pop socket

square pop phone stand Promo Motive tradeshow swag, fidget spinners and fidget cubes, c

square pop phone stand Promo Motive tradeshow swag, fidget spinners and fidget cubes, c

promotional products and b2b swag. Giving birth to new ideas

promotional products and b2b swag. Giving birth to new ideas

batman shaped custom flash drive for tradeshow

batman shaped custom flash drive for tradeshow

wholesale tradeshow swag and promotional products including

wholesale tradeshow swag and promotional products including custom socks, custom flash drives, pop sockets and phone stands, lazy bag air sofa and edc multi tools.


Seriously we do some of the coolest promotional product shit!

Seriously we do some of the coolest shit!

When it comes to promotional products we are without a doubt home to some of the coolest shit. Ok, I know you might be offended by the use of profanity but I needed to catch your eye.

Promotional Product have gotten downright boring over the last decade. Pens and Mugs!!! Seriously is this the best we can do as promotional product marketers?

Promo Motive an Promo Crunch create some of the most unique and interesteing ideas for tradeshows, b2b marketing and ad specialty. We turn your logo or product into something unique and different.

custom shaped promotional products like flash drives and power banks

Our expertise is in the field of turning your product or idea into a custom shaped flash drive, power bank or custom cable. We provide free virtual design proofs and offer low minum orders and factory direct pricing.

“A custom shaped promotional product will set you apart, make a statement and in short…make your marketing look like the Bomb!”

Since 2005 we have been creating some of the coolest custom shaped promotional products. We specialize in custom shaped USB Flash Drives and have done  thousands of designs including gas pump drives, glove shaped drives, fish shaped flash drives, fork shaped flash drives, Penguin drives, boot shaped drives,  and 100’s of other ideas. If it can be made into a custom flash drive we have probably done it.

What follows is just a few of our previous designs of custom flash drives.

custom memory flash drive

custom shaped data cable

usb custom flash drive

usb custom flash drive stick

truck shaped custom flash drive

video camera shaped flash drive

Would you like to learn more? Would you like a free virtual design proof? Simply send us your logo and image.

Here’s how Custom USB’s work…

1) Min order is 250 units.

2) Prices 8 GB (other sizes available) is $6.88 each.

3) Mold (to create the USB) is $80…the mold is reusable on future orders.

4) send us a specific image of what you want made into a USB and your logo file…then we will make you a free virtual proof/design.

How does that sound?? Prety damn cool!

Giving Birth To New Promotional Products Ideas.

At Promo Motive we pride ourselves on being the innovator in the Promotional Products Industry.

We are always on the outlook for new ideas that are trending on social media and in specialized retail where the product can be logo’d. We also look for products that engage and entertain.

Engaging and entertaining the end user is one of the founding top reasons of what makes a great promotional product. In short.


“Cool Ideas and Fun Products Get Your Logo in Front of Peoples Eyes!”


This weeks cool new idea is the Fidget Stick. Have a look, send the end user flyer (below) to your client and see what they say.

Delivery and Details.
+ Delivery is 10 days or less. Price includes FREE Freight and NO set ups. Easy!
+ Includes a Laser logo or 4 color logo and 2 sided imprint.

MIN order 250-499 $3.88 c  500-999 $3.58 c 1000 plus $3.18 c

Includes shipping to anywhere plus all logos.

For product details.

Click Here.

promotional products and b2b swag. Giving birth to new ideas

fidget sticks for promotional giveaway

fidget stick 2 for promo swag

fidget sticks for logo

Having a Hard Time Understanding Your Younger Customer

Let’s Face It! The average age of Promo Distributors according to ASI is 57. No wonder you are struggling to understand your younger buyer. The dreaded Millenial!

I have been in this business for nearly 25 years so I am not a millenial. However, I have Millenial kids and and have a very young innovative approach to the promo business.

In regards to Millenials and promo there are a few earth-shaking changes that us older promo people need to consider.

  1. Millenials want something new. Millenials are not going to repeat their pen order with the same logo and same pen for the next 10 years. You better get used to this idea because if you rely on repeats year after year you are out of luck.
  2. Millenials do not want what they predecessor bought. Even if what the predecessor bought worked, the Millenial will not keep on doing it. Best to stop trying to push them in this direction.
  3. Millenials want what is happening at retail for promo. Fidget Cubes, Popsockets, Fidget Spinners are all great examples of retail trends for promo. If you are not on-trend you will get crushed.

We Do It Differently, “We Do Weird Well!”

We specialize in the unique and the unusual, the trending and the social media savvy……in short we know what Millenials want. Don’t believe me? You sure you want to take that risk?

Here is what is trending. NOW! Call 888-908-1481 for info or email me John

square popsocket style media stand for promo, tradeshow and b2b marketing swag. Ge

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag

keysmart quick key key organizer for tradeshows

pop media stand for trade show and business marketing. Wholesale bulk promotional product aka swag

infinity cube for marketing and trade show logo

sex promotional products tradeshow and marketing ideas

The First Time I has Sex I was Afraid….

The First Time I has Sex I was Afraid….The Reason Was Because I was Alone…..and in the Dark!

It’s an old joke but one that never fails to catch peoples attention. In the business of promotional product marketing isn’t it all about catching someones attention?

So…why did you open this email?

The answers are simple…..

  1. It created curiosity? You wanted to know what the rest of the statement said.
  2. It was “outside of the box”. It did not say something like “new and improved” or “cheaper than the other guys”. You would not have opened the email if it had said this.

Promotional Marketing

In the world of Promotional Products there are 2 kinds of ideas…..

  1. The kind of promo that everyone does.
  2. The kind of promo that everyone should do but doesn’t do.

The kind of promo that everyone does!

If you’re a professional marketer and you are still promoting the idea of getting a logo on a Pen, T-shirt or Mug you belong to the first group , the kind of promo that everyone does.

If you belong to this group that is ok but, don’t expect higher than usual results, recipients of the promo to go “AWESOME!”  or the boss to say….”You are brilliant!

Nope…if you belong to the group the kind of promo that everyone does you will not be remembered.


On the other hand…If you are a professional marketer and look for ideas that set you apart then you likely belong to the group of idea gurus who markets with the kind of promo that everyone should do but doesn’t do.

This group tends to look for new ideas, retail trends that are now working their way into promo and promotional products that make people take a second look…...just like you did when you opened this email!

2018 Top New Trending Ideas for Promo!

Below are what we believe are ideas that will set you apart in 2018. For further info call us at 888-908-1481 or email us. 

Custom Socks

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag


POP Phone Stands

pop phone stand and phone grip for tradeshow marketing, b2b and promotional product

pop phone stand and phone grip for tradeshow marketing, b2b and promotional product

EDC Tools